Nur Mazidah Che Ghani of The Studium

The Studium is a research platform in the field of Architecture and Design, currently based in Kuala Lumpur. Nur Mazidah is the founder and principal of this research unit, initially used to document her teaching processes and design studio projects as a studio master, elective coordinator and postgraduate researcher at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya since 2012.

The research unit's interest is in fundamental design education, looking to investigate, explore, develop, document and share the knowledge of our research and findings. Other areas of interests are on Ornamentation, Building Language, Material, Surface and Texture, Digital Fabrication, Parametric Design, Design and Build, Cultural synthesis in Architecture, Vernacular and Morphology, Urban Design, Place-making, Architecture Identity ; A Study on Malaysia, Craftsmanship and the Art of Making, Basic Design Principle and Vocabularies. Neue Artisans is not only an initiative started among a collective of designers/partners, but an important support to the local architecture design research.

Neue Artisans is founded and curated by Nur Mazidah. Trained in Masters of Architecture, from Pratt Institute, New York, as well a Bachelor in Architecture from UiTM, she continues her exploration in design curation and discourse, bringing a pioneer design event in Malaysia that is Neue Artisans.

Noorul Fadzlee Khamis of Shapeshifts Studio

Shapeshifts Studio was established in December 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The studio focuses on emerging technology of rapid prototyping and digital fabrication, it offers bespoke custom made products as well as printing services. Other than that, the studio is also involve in organizing workshops and seminars in bid to educate the community regarding the exciting possibilities of rapid manufacturing and prototyping, this is to encourage the engagement between both the public and the creative local makers.

Shapeshifts is also inspired by the ever evolving means in digital fabrication techniques, the rapid growth in the digital eco-system and the possibility it offers, were the driving force for us to innovate the way we think and make things.

We also felt that the juxtaposition between the traditional and digital methods of designing / fabricating will truly create a new vista for product and design developments.

Together with the client, we hope that we can aspire and be inspired with these advancement of manufacturing technologies, and further improve the quality of our local products and design.

Ihsan Hassan of Alt +P

Alt+P is a design studio that runs along cooperative principles and worker self-management. Set up by two young designers after several years of stint in corporate architectural firms, Alt+P is a studio that has a specialisation in working with small businesses, local authorities sand non-governmental organisations.

The studio provides affordable design solutions for start-ups who need flexible infrastructure with room to develop in stages. In addition to that, the work with local councils includes alternative regeneration strategies that avoid gentrification or exclusion through long-term community and local business participation.

Ihsan is one of the cooperative members of Alt+P. He is trained as an architect as well as an engineer. His professional practice is balanced with academic rigour - he taught history/theory at New Era College and Universiti Malaya where he also conducted research in contemporary theories in vernacular architecture. While in corporate practice, he exhibited work at the Malaysian Pavilion in Venice Biennale (2014) alongside colleagues from GDP Architects. He is part of the library collective Buku Jalanan and was the creative director of Festival Idearaya 2015, an alternative literary festival influenced by radical theories.

instagram: @altpdesign
FB page: ALT+P Design

Syaza Yunos of Prototype Gallery

Prototype Gallery is a platform for young designers and explorers in design. We experiment and build desktop architecture, organize events, curate artworks and produce artworks ourselves. We consider our artworks architecturally driven and we believe in having a connection between art, architecture and the general mass through our events, exhibitions and production.

Graduated from Taylor's University with an Architectural Degree and currently based in Kuala Lumpur; Syaza Yunos is the event curator of Prototype Gallery with works varying from event organizing, design and production of 3D and graphic works. Most of her works uses a variety of technical and soft skills from her architecture studies from generating ideas, curations and collaborations with on-going artists and community-based event organizers in Kuala Lumpur.

On top of that, she places her designer and an art enthusiasm within Prototype Gallery with her Product Designer colleague, to produce works and artworks. Architecturally-driven, she believes in the humility of poetic architecture and also the evolution of architecture within the Modern movement. Furthermore, intrigued with the dynamics of architecture design through people, streets and spaces in urban studies, she tries to involve many of her curations with the idea of the current issues, its solutions and understanding of how people affects architecture and vice versa.

Founded in 2014, ADEPT stands for Architecture, Design, Education, Practice and Theory, is a research group based at the prestigious and oldest university in Malaysia, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Led by Dr.Naziaty Yaakob, together with Dr.Zunaibi Abdullah and assisted by Megat Ariff Shah, ADEPT's current research is on Architecture Education, looking at creative practices/enterprises of the Architecture Design Studios. Neue Artisans 4.0 is a featured project under Sub-programme Three. ADEPT is supported by the Dean of Humanities Cluster; Professor Datin Dr. Raihanah Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Built Environment; Assoc.Professor Dr. Yahya Ahmad, Head of Department of Architecture; Dr. Muhammad Azzam Ismail and UMRG.

The Neue Artisans Foundation is set up as an initiative to groom and assist future local design and architecture students by ways of networking, internship and special programmes. The Foundation is highly supportive of the local design education and wishes to contribute to students, our Future Makers. Through the foundation, we invite talented design students and provide opportunities that will help them launch their design career and be inspired to create good designs, be it in Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Graphic and Art. All of these design disciplines are inter-connected and we find interests in the multi-discipline. We believe that only through education and a wholesome community support, that we are able to have a paradigm shift in the way we look at creativity, innovation and design, here in Malaysia. Design is essential and part of our daily life, and we in Malaysia have a long history of unique art and heritage that becomes a base to our modern designs and living. There is yet so much to learn, and there is so much to explore as we progress as a developing creative nation. With the enthusiasms of our contributors, we are able to set up and administer The Neueartisans Foundation. Thank you for all of your support to this initiative.

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