Nov 05 2016

Neue Artisans

FORUM: Is urban artisanal culture just a fad?

Eddin Khoo (Director, Pusaka, KL)
Farah Azizan (Creative Director, Studio Bikin, KL)
Adela Iskandar (Managing Director, Studio Bikin, KL)
Norhaiza Noordin (Master Craftsman, Tunjang Bakawali Kuala Besut)

A conversation about the state of artisanal culture in Malaysian cities. It draws figures from the vernacular tradition as well as modern practice, bringing us collision/convergence of ideas and worldviews. As we witness the growth of artisanal workshops, how do we negotiate our pre-conceived ideas about what is modern and traditional, indigenous and foreign - and finally we ask what is the role of artisans in the world of global monoculture?

The forum is moderated by Ihsan Hassan from Alt+P Design.

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