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Neue Artisans 4.0

Normal Architecture

Normal Architecture does not pretend to be what we are not. We do exactly that, normal architecture, in a perhaps not so normal way. The work of Normal Architecture can be seen as an attempt at celebrating the mundane, the banal, and the everyday in architecture. Often, the work simply disappears, at best they attempt to rethink the everyday qualities which we take for granted in our complex (and often confusing) urban environment.

Normal Architecture believes that architecture should no longer be limited to the job of designing buildings. It should be practiced as a discipline of knowledge and a process of cultural production. Therefore an architectural project needs to be redefined. For Normal Architecture, a drawing, a piece of text, a magazine, a book, a public forum and a building carry the same weight intellectually– if not financially- as architectural projects. Normal Architecture works on the basis of collaboration.


Studio Karya

KARYA is a multi disciplinary practice made of young professionals with common background and passion for architecture. The team comprises of practicing members in the architecture field and a highly capable photography and videography team. The team has embarked in numerous architectural projects, events and art explorations throughout KL and Singapore. Over the years, the team has matured together to form a cohesive creative collective specializing in architecture and design


Katolee Design Office

Kody Kato and Jeffrey Lee are the founders of KATOLEE Design Office Sdn Bhd, an interdisciplinary architecture firm that incorporates experts from other disciplines at all stages of the design process. Through this dynamic platform, their team is able to approach design from a different perspective and efficiently investigate the confluence of various cultural, economic, environmental, and technological aspects of our society. Their work materializes into unexpected forms of architecture that mediate between nature, people and the built environment.


Neue Artisans 3.0


Abdul Warith Zaki is an architectural designer and graduate of Master in Advanced Architectural Design from the studio of Prof. David Greene (Archigram) and Toby Shew at the Oxford School of Architecture, UK. In prior, he obtained his first two degrees from the Curtin University and the Robert Gordon University. Author is also undertaking studies in Archaeology on part-time basis at the University of Oxford, UK. In the past years, he has worked internationally between several architectural practices and experimental studios in Kuala Lumpur, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai. He had taught a design studio at an architecture faculty in Kuala Lumpur. Academically, he serves as a guest critic at the University of Malaya (UM), Taylor's University PJ, Infrastructure University of KL (IUKL), International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT). He has worked for RoboFold in London and a collaborator to Citylab Design Studio in Kuala Lumpur, he later moved to Hong Kong to work with IO DESIGN and currently employed by Hopkins Architects in the Dubai UAE office.


Neue Artisans 2.0


Spacefighters is a design outfit located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It was formed in 2011 by two architects working in the architecture industry. Spacefighters was formed because of the need to revert back to the basic experience of designing and engagement with the client. Spacefighters believes that the knowledge in experience is as important as the experience in knowledge. In an industry that elevates the importance of numerical satisfaction, Spacefighters aims to bring back the value of experience, not just the end product, but also the experience at the beginning, middle and at the end, just like any narrative.

LOGIC IS OPTIONAL, relates to the idea that there is always a best solution to any given conundrum. To reach the solution, the process of which is the value. Towards the solution no matter how a parody the process could be. Spacefighters aims at creating a language of design and architecture that is rich in its’ narrative, focusing on everyday events and tactics, turning them into strategies, focusing on conte-centric design through experimentation and process.


Cloudstorage was an installation for Neue Artisan 2.0 exhibition. It depicts a sunny day in Kuala Lumpur. It’s also a parody. It shows the confrontation between nature and our development. The hard lines of the boxes contrast our ideas of the smoothness of clouds. The juxta positioning and the randomness of the boxes should make us uncomfortable as it opposes our idea of clouds, but we feel comfortable. Is this because we are ignorant or is it we are already comfortable with the hard lines of development and the gentrification of nature.


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